Friday, February 4, 2011

Menu for 20th Feb'11 afternoon gathering

Dear Alumni & Family, 

Please find attached the Menu Card. We have tried to give a Sylheti Touch to the Food Items in Ode to our town SILCHAR.

(dhupur er adda)
Charges per Plate: Rs.250/-
(Free for Children - below 12years)

Adda Shuru

Coffee and Dal-er bora

Dhupur er Menu
( Non Vegetarian)
Chola-r Daal with Nairkol and Spices
Kochu Bhaja
Rui Maach with Alu-Phool Kopi
Muri Ghanta
Murgi-r Mangsho with Alu chunks
Shidol-er Bora [Chal-Kumra- Pata (if available)]

Chola-r Daal with Nirkol and Spices
Kochu Bhaja
Alu-Phool Kopi-r Torkari
Special Sabzee Mix
Matar Paneer Special

Mishty Mukh
Chana-dal- er-Pitha *********
& Malpua *********

Hope you will enjoy the food. Best wishes.

Subhajit Deb Roy,General Secretary
G C College Alumni Association,New Delhi
(+91 98102 21554) & Facebook/MYGCCOLLEGE

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