Friday, February 4, 2011

Attention: Alumni of Cotton College, Guwahati

Dear Alumni

A few Antiquated Assam type buildings scattered from Panbazar to Uzanbazar,
surrounded by some haunting trees from *Kamarupa* era filled with white
bird-drops and cacophony of home-returned bird flocks in the evenings in
Guwahati, flanked by the *Kachari ghat* on the banks of the mighty
Brahmaputra river and the Red-bricked railways colony in the South, imposing
and intimidating at times and warm and beckoning at others, Cotton College
was once the only world, outside our protected homes, that we knew of.

It was here that we developed our passion for exploring life, under the
supervisions of our teachers, wardens, seniors. It was here that we learnt
our tools and honed our receipting faculties to prepare for  acquiring
skills from the world outside, the foundation of our future life was laid
here. All of us have gone on to build and rebuild and reconstruct on these
early building blocks ingrained into our beings. However far we might have
gone on our journey, a part of us still connects to that great institution
through an unseen thread and this is where we take a peek to cherish the
fond memories of the other days!

Relationship was article of faith in this bench-mark institution. Keeping
this in mind we propose to organize a GET-TOGETHER of Ex-Cottonians on the
20th February, 2011 to take our relationships to the next level by
connecting with family members, alumnus across few generations and decades.
The venue being *Central Civil Secretariat Sports Ground (Opp Nehru Park) at
Vinay Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021. *

**The programme will start at 11 AM and end at 4 PM.

You are requested to attend the event with your family members.

With every good wish
Organising committee


FROM 11AM – 4 PM,

1. Welcome Speech.
2. Chorus (Lyric by Mr Sarat Barkakati and Music by Ms Murchana
Barkakati-attached for your comments)
3. Quiz on Cotton College (Quizmaster-Mr Manimugdha Sarmah)
4. Games of Tug-of-war and football.
5. Portrait of spouse by 50+ ex-cottonians..
6. Extempore speech on Cotton College
7. Chorus of Centenary Celebration
8. Flute Recital.
9. Poetry session.
11. Open Interaction and Lunch.
12. Solo song.
13. Open Bihu Dance.

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