Friday, February 4, 2011

Jeevan : An Assamese Magazine.

Jeevan ( January-February-March 2011 Issue) : An Assamese Magazine.

Coverstory: Profiles of 10 Persons of the Year, 100 News of Hope for Assam , Response of 10 newspapers editors on why 85% news in Assamese newspapers is negative. Facebook comments included.

Besides coverstories, it has CONFESSIONs by Rafiqul Hussain etc., RECOLLECTION OF MEMORY by Dr. Karabi Deka Hazarika, Dr. Nagen Saikia etc., INTERVIEW ABOUT BOOKS by Dr. Mamoni Raisam Goswami, INSIGHT by Arun Sarma, MY PASSION by Manikuntala Bhattacharjya, MY WAY OF CELEBRATING LIFE by Angarag Mahanta, '50 Billion Dollar Dream for Assam' by Manoj K Das ,………etc

Cover Page of Jeevan জীৱন ( January-February-March 2011 Issue):

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