Friday, February 4, 2011

Roads in Silchar / Cachar

I went Silchar in Last Summer. I had to go and came back by bus. Only
because rails remain closed all the summer season these days. One has
to Travel from Tinsukia to Guwahati, and then Guwahati to Silchar by
bus. In between he of she may have to stay at Guwahati half a day.

I made all the local journies from Silchar to Badarpur to Karimganj,
to DHarmanagar by Local trains only because local roads were in
pathetic conditions. When we had to board at Guwahati bound bus at
badarpur it made two hours late only because there were a blocked near
Bhanga and Bus couldnot reach on time from Karimganj. That made us
late for Guwahati and we missed Bus for Tinsukia next morning.

I went Silchar again in this witer. It was fine while I made the
journey by train to reach there. But, Sudenly they suspended all the
trains from 22nd to 28th first. So I got trapped there. Waited till
28th is the train line open . But, some goons blows up bridges near
Halflong . so it became totally uncertain for trains on that line. No
body know who were the miscreant. People suspects it was purely
transport lobby this time.Finnaly again we boarded at Bus from
Badarpur. I usually do this,Becasue My in-laws live there. This Time
Bus started on time. But, at the eleventh hour they pushed extra 20 to
25 passengers who made the journey by standing or sitting at the
floor. It was tough to move inside for bonafied passengers as well .
One can just imagine how horrible night journey was that. Inspite of
that We thought this time we'll made it to Guwahati on time so that
we'll be able to catch the Tinsukia bound next Bus. But, Who knew one
truck can block the road at Soanapur for half a day. There were huge
traffic jam for that. It killed atleast 6 hours on the way. And we
reached at Guwahati at 12 noon next day.

This time I went for a progrumme at Assam University . Just read how
One Professor from Dibrugarh Kanoi College made his return journey
with his family. He went to Agartala firts by train . Then took air
ways to Guwahati. Again boarded at train there to get Dibrugarh on

People , often talk about state's negligence for this condition. But,
no mass movement ever took place in the valley in such a level so that
state get compelled to give proper attention.
There were hundreds of attempt in last three or four decades. But,
People of 'Shantir Dwip' Love to live in 'Shanti'?

People, also know the role of Transport loby and there alliance with
local MPs and MLAs. Still they will vote those Mantris.
Mantrirs are treated like demi GODs there. People love to offer puza
to there beloved GODs' and Goddesses.

It was huge humiliation while raild authority suspended all the day
trains on and around 26th January there. They valley is the peaceful
part of entire NE India.
Very protested this humiliation. Most of them got satisfied thinking
that this was conspiracy against the Vally form the Dispur's part.


Sushanta Kar
Executive Editor , Pragyan
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