Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mahananda Mojindar Barua: a legend who now lives in poverty

GUWAHATI, Aug 23: Mahananda Mojindar Barua is a legend in Asomiya playback singing. His songs have left an indelible mark in Asomiya films. The singer who enthralled us with his famous song Mon Hira Doi from the film Bowari is now living in abject poverty.

Barua is disappointed with the Asom Government for not providing him any financial help. “I get an artiste’s pension of Rs 2,000 per month from the Asom Government. Tell me, is this money sufficient to support a family in a place like Guwahati? said a dejected Barua.

Hailing from Sivasagar, Barua shot to fame with the classic song Mon Hira Doi. He has done playback singing in 20 Asomiya films and has sung 1,000 songs, including the popular song Ring mari Khunilu from the film Randhali.

“Due to financial constraint I could release only one audio cassette Bokhala Bhokhole Khai. I want to compile all my classic songs into an audio CD but I have no money to do so. Nowadays anybody who can sing decently releases an audio album. But with a meagre pension of Rs 2,000 do I run my family or release an audio album?” said Barua.

A singer who ruled the hearts of people with his songs in the 1960s now lives in abject poverty. There are many other artistes in Asom who share the same fate as Barua. Artistes who have entertained us and helped to maintain peace and harmony in the State with their art and talent surely deserve better than this. THE SENTINEL

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