Friday, February 4, 2011

Official Website of SRI SRI BATADRABA THAAN .

Official Website of SRI SRI BATADRABA THAAN .

The word ‘Dham’ means a sacred place. It is a place of worship where God or God-like personalities used to dwell and do ‘Lilas’ (Lifetime activities) for the benefit of mankind. Ancient ‘Bordowa’ or present ‘Batadraba’ has always been regarded as ‘Batadraba Dham’. It is presently known as SRI SRI BATADRABA THAAN. ALI PUKHURI and TEMBUWANI BANDHA or TEMBUWANI JAAN are also closely attached with Batadraba Dham and as such with SRI SRI BATADRABA THAAN. JAGAT GURU (the preceptor of mankind) and SARVAGUNAKAR (the embodiment of all qualities and virtues) Srimanta Sankardeva was born at ALI PUKHURI Bordowa in 1449 A. D. in the present district of Nagaon in Assam.

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