Saturday, January 15, 2011

Website on Loknath Goswami - A Musician

Website on Loknath Goswami.

Loknath Goswami is the person who has inborn instinct for music. He pursues music with unflinching dedication and determination. On meeting him for the first instance he seems like a common man pursuing common rounds of daily life. But if you go deep down into his heart and grasp the opportunity to have a meaningful interaction with him then only you can get to know that he himself is the abode of many souls who keeps manifold interests in different activities. At the same time he is a singer, a song writer, a music arranger, a prolific writer, a political activist and an organizer. Besides that he is a successful family man!

Address : Ganesh Mandir Path (Artists Hill) 
ByLane - 10,
New Guwahati
Ghy - 781020
E-Mail :
Phone No : +91-9435112418

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