Saturday, January 15, 2011

Survey on Assam Journalists Social - Background Professional Role Performance of Journalists in Assam

"Please spare a few minutes to make journalism a better profession to work with... please fill the questionnaire attached herewith and forward this mail to all journalists you know"

My dear Seniors/Colleagues/friends

Please find the attachment of an online questionnaire on survey of journalists in Assam.

The Survey is a part of my Ph.D entitled "Social Background Professional Role Performance of Journalists in Assam".

If you are a regional print or electronic media journalist (Reporter, Staff Reporter, Correspondent, Senior Correspondent, Stringer working for multiple newspapers/ TV news channels) and is posted anywhere in Assam, and has over three years experience in practicing journalism, you can be the one who can help me in filling this questionnaire.

Just download the attachment ( which is in MS Word format), fill the questionnaire, save, and send me back the same. Filling Instructions are detailed in the beginning of the questionnaire

Please do me a favour in sending this questionnaire also to other friend journalists as well.

Note: The sample journalists of my research are basically the regional print and electronic media journalists with over three years experience in journalism.

National media journalists (both print and electronic) do not fall under the purview of this research.

Please send the filled in questionnaire at

Sanjoy Paul
Ex Senior Correspondent, ETV News, Guwahati, Kolkata
Presently- Assistant Professor
Department of Mass Communication
Assam University, Silchar
Ph: 9435044294(mob)

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