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New way of torturing Dalits in India - Ambedkar Dalit Rights Foundation

New way of torturing Dalits in India
I wanted to bring to your notice how the people of reserved categories are being made fool and are tortured in India by the State Governments.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has passed a stupid order on 4 August 2009 in Civil Appeal No. 5092 of 2009 arising out of Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (Civil) No(s) 24327/05 Subhash Chandra & Anr. V/s DSSSB & Ors. As per this order persons belonging to a particular Caste or Tribe may suffer some disadvantages in one State but may not suffer the same disadvantages in the other therefore persons migrating from one state to another cannot carry with him/her the benefit of reservation to the migrating state.

Many people of reserved categories are suffering because of the above judgement as after clearing all the stages for a job or admission they are told that as per the said ruling their candidature has been withheld/rejected and then they find themselves cheated and helpless.

More than 60 candidates of SCs, STs and OBCs are suffering in a recent matter. Delhi District Court invited applications for the post of Lower Divisional Clerk in December 2009. In the advertisement the above order was not mentioned anywhere. The selection process went on and after clearing written test, skill test, interview and medical check-up the said order was brought to the notice of the candidates belonging to the reserved categories from the states other than Delhi. Now these candidates are fighting for their rights and wasting their precious time as well as money on court cases but are still hopeless of the justice.

As per news itme dated 8 October 2010 the issue of reservation to the migrants has also been pending in the Hon’ble Supreme Courtbefore the larger bench but the candidature of the said candidates has been withheld/rejected without waiting for the final verdict.

Now these candidates are running after the advocates and courts and are unable to focus their mind on any other work. Many of the rejected candidates had tried their last chance before getting overage for applying to any job. Many of them have resigned from their private jobs after getting selected and getting the “Offer of Appointment” by the Delhi District Court but now they are unemployed from both the sides.

SC’s&ST's recruitment is cancelled saying, they are migrants but the fact is all including general quota & OBC's are also migrant. All have settled in Delhi from other states but the sufferers are only SC'c and ST's. If this would have happened to general categories they might have burnt even the Supreme Court.

To protect the rights of dalits and minorities, your help is required and I am hopeful that you will try your best in bringing justice to these categories.

I am giving below a few news items from different sources which will give you an idea how the people of reserved categories suffering in India.

I look forward to receiving your feedback or comments in this regard.

Kind regards,

Ambedkar Dalit Rights Foundation

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