Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Assamese Language Information Services (LIS)-India

Assamese - LIS-India (Language Information Services (LIS)-India)


Morphology is the grammar of words of a language. Thus, in the study of morphology of the Assamese language असामिया भाषा will come up alongwith the different items of formation of words used in this particular language.

A subject and a predicate form a sentence or it may be said that Subject, Object and Verb are the essential items of a sentence in Assamese. Of course, there are some exceptions, where sometimes a sentence is completed by only one item of a sentence stated above. Such thing happens in emotional description and conversational language. The roots of all these things of a sentence are generally noun, pronoun, objective, preposition, verbs etc. All are included in the study or analysis of the morphology of the Assamese language.

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