Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tako Dabi vows to make Arunachal a ‘zero-crime’ State

ITANAGAR, Dec 5: Home Minister Tako Dabi is all set to make Arunachal a ‘Zero Crime State’ provided the police maintain the basic ethics of morality and integrity by rediscovering high work culture. Addressing a daylong conference of Superintendents of Police at the State police headquarters here yesterday Dabi urged the SPs, who head the police department in the districts, to maintain impartiality and avoid influence from affluent sections of the society in dealing with the criminals and tackling crimes.

Admitting the various problems faced by the State police due to lack of resources and manpower, the Home Minister expressed optimism and assured that the internal problems of the department would be tackled step by step.

“Our forces must be capable of carrying out the responsibility with whatever resources available,” he stressed.
Drawing attention of the top cops to the inter-State boundary problem with Assam, Dabi emphasized that SPs of the districts sharing boundary with Assam, need to stay in touch with their Assam counterparts and work in tandem through proper understanding and coordination.

Dabi also suggested that the police has to do its bit of moral policing and sensitize the youths against crimes while at the same time contribute in promotion of tourism in the State by behaving properly with visitors. Appreciating the efforts put in by the State police to streamline the traffic, he said that road safety is a challenging task and its successful implementation would help minimize road accidents in the State capital, which has witnessed a spate of accidents in recent times.

Home Commissioner T Taloh suggested functional autonomy to the Police Headquarter in all police related matters. He also stressed the need for a strong organizational command and control, proper coordination and understanding between IRBn and Civil Police and posting of active young officers in crime prone and notorious areas.

Clarifying on budgetary provisions, the Commissioner advised the SPs to come up with proper data while submitting their fund proposals to prevent discrepancies in fund allocation. He requested the Home Minister to convene a meeting with the Finance Minister to grant sufficient funds to meet the requirement of the State police.

The conference was attended by top Police officials, including DGP Vimla Mehra and Superintendents of Police from all the 16 districts. THE SENTINEL

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