Saturday, December 5, 2009

HNLC men still in Bangladesh

SHILLONG, Dec 5: After the surrender of Juluis Dorphang on July, 23, 2007, the post of chairman of the HNLC is now vacant. No one has taken charge till date except for its general secretary Cheristerfeild Thankhiew and its commander-in-chief Bobby Reagan Marwein being the people at the helm of the affairs. Both of them are in Bangladesh. Thankhiew hails from Mawlai Nongpdeng and Marwein if from Jaiaw Langsning.
Another senior leader who is currently in Bangladesh, is the publicity secretary Sainkupar Nongtraw @ Deng Deng, an educated youth from Sohra. Another hard-core and senior cadre by the name an alias name of ‘Metal’ from Mawprem, along with a youth by the alias name ‘Bullet’, are one of the prominent confidantes of the two leaders of the HNLC. Till 2007, 182 HNLC cadres, mostly from the camps in Bangladesh, surrendered before the State authorities and according to the police, the number of surrendered HNLC cadres is hovering the 300 mark. THE SENTINEL

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