Monday, December 7, 2009

‘Centre should talk to Bangladesh on illegal immigration to Assam’

JORHAT, Dec 7: At a time when the leaders of the banned United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) had been handed over to the Indian authorities as a good diplomatic decision of both the countries, the people from various quarters appealed to the Central Government of India to hold discussion with Bangladesh Government on Bangladeshi immigration to Indian soil. Pointing out the latest development of International relation between the two countries people also mentioned that, if the Central Government can compel the Bangladesh Government to evict the Assamese militants, those sheltering in their country at the same time why it is yet to take step on immigration to Indian soil. After all, it is not new for the people of Assam that, there is a good relation of the existing Seikh Hasina led Bangladesh Government with India since the independent struggle of the country led by Hasina’s father Seikh Mujibur Rahman and supported by then India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Talking to The Sentinel, litterateurs, dramatists, xatradhikars, educationists and other section of people admitted the fact and appealed to the Government as follows:

Dr Pitambor Dev Goswami, Xatradhikar of Auniati Xatra said that, the Central Government should immediately make a talk with Bangladesh Government on Bangladeshi infiltration. After handing over the Indian militant’s leaders it has become known that, the relation between the two countries became well than earlier. Therefore, both the Governments should sit-in talk on it. Bangladeshi immigration has also become a serious threat to the existence of Assamese culture and tradition, he added.

Harin Mahanta, prominent columnist and advocate said that, it is the demand of all that the common people of Assam to stop the Bangladeshi immigration to Assam soil, because in fact the Bangladeshi issue is more serious than ULFA for the survival of Assamese community. The Central Government should sign a treaty with the Bangladesh Government in the forthcoming visit of the Bangladesh Prime Minister to India, which would be better than the fencing construction drama along the border. He however drawing a comparison between the two issues said that, both issues are different because the Centre has given more importance on the arrest of ULFA leaders than the immigration to Assam due to some mysterious reasons.

Dr Debabrat Sarma, prominent educationist and litterateur said that, there is a good relation between India’s Gandhi family and Bangladesh’s Seikh Hasina’s family since Bangladesh become independent. Bangladesh was formed by India in 1971, when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India and the first Bangladeshi Prime Minister Seikh Mujibur Rahman was just like a subordinate to Indira Gandhi. Following this good relation between the two neighbouring countries, Bangladesh Government handed over the ULFA leaders to India and at the same time they should talk about the Bangladeshi infiltration to Indian soil keeping in mind the very fact that Bangladeshi and Bangladesh is the product of Indira Gandhi and Seikh Mujibur Rahman and now the daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi and daughter of Seikh Mujibur Rahman is in power in the both countries. He also questioned that, if the Bangladesh Government can follow the Indian command in case of insurgency then why would not be the same in case of immigration?

Dr Akhil Chakravarty, prominent dramatist and former president of Axam Natya Xanmilan (ANX) said that, the Bangladeshi immigration to India particularly Assam is turning to a serious threat to the existence of Assamese people. If the Central Government can talk with Bangladesh regarding ULFA issue, the Government should immediately arrange a talk with the Government of the neighbouring country on immigration for the greater interest to solve the burning issue plagued by Assam.  Rajkumar Ajit Narayan Singha, prominent columnist and the grandson of the last Ahom emperor Purandor Singha said that, the scenario has changed than before. Therefore, by taking the advantage of this good relation between the two countries, Indian Government should make a discussion with Bangladesh Government by a fix date and time. The Bangladeshi immigration causes major threat to the Assam’s demographic change, he further said. THE SENTINEL

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