Monday, December 21, 2009

Bodo body worried over Terang’s statement

KOKRAJHAR, Dec 21: The World Bodo Religious Council (WBRC) expressed serious concern over the recent statement of the president of Axam Xahitya Xabha (AXX) Rongbong Terang who aired voice of imposing Assamese language and culture upon the subconscious indigenous people of Assam designing Assamese language as lingua franca during his speech in a public meeting held in Barpeta.

The president of the WBRC Prabin Kr Basumatary and the Inspirator General Kunjan Basumatary in their press statement said that Terang has opened a red carpet to Bangladeshi and illegal immigrants to infiltrate into Assam and India across the border and to take shelter under the umbrella of Assamese language and culture. It is nothing but a hidden strategy of gradual invasion upon the indigenous people with demographic destabilization in the Northeast India, the statement said adding that Terang should understand that all languages and cultural heritage of indigenous people of the NE region including China- Tibeto Burman origin Bodo language is pre-vedic, one of the oldest language in the world. They also claimed that the Bodo language was widely spoken since the ancient age before the advent of Sanskrit and Latin language and this language was used as the lingua franca by the people.

In course of time, the Bodo language was suppressed by the so called elite immigrants as it is committed by Terang, the statement said and added the continuous suppression, exploitation and conversion of religion by the chauvinist section of the people are becoming a major factor which constraints a great Bodo nationality to demand the ancient Bodo empire as a separate Bodoland state within the framework of Indian Constitution. The WBRC also called upon all the revolutionary groups of the people to join in the Bodoland Demand Solidarity Front (BDSF) constituted under the aegis of WBRC and to launch a concerted and united people’s democratic movement for creation of Bodoland state. THE SENTINEL

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