Monday, December 21, 2009

Awareness programme on jhum cultivation held

JORHAT, Dec 21: An awareness programme on jhum cultivation was held at the Fumen En village at Karbi Anglong by scientists of Rain Forest Research Institute, recently.

In India, 11 million hectares of land is jhum cultivated and the lives of two million people are linked with this form of cultivation. In the Northeast on 7.76 per cent of cultivated land, jhum cultivation is practised.

The Rain Forest Research Institute while stressing on the degradation of land resulting from this slash and burn method of cultivation, asked the people to make the land fertile again by planting crops which fixed nitrogen in the soil. The scientists explained that the cutting down and burning of trees on hill sides led heavy erosion and the soil losing its nutrients after the crop was harvested. However, if plants like peas, beans and other pulses with root nodules were planted, then the nutrient loss was controlled and in fact the fertility increased by 25 to 30 per cent.

The meeting was presided over by Chakra Singh Bey while the chief guest was Rongjon Terang. Lectures were delivered by Chakra Singh Bey, Rongjon Terang, Bronson and Joyson Bey on behalf of RFRI.
The RFRI scientists who conducted the awareness meet were Girindra Thakuria, Indrani P Bora and Arundhati Baruah. the sentinel

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