Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beyond Resolution

On Wednesday, the Assam Legislative Assembly adopted a resolution vehemently opposing the demand for the inclusion of certain areas of Assam in the proposed greater Nagalim. On behalf of the State government, Forest and Environment Minister Rockybul Hussain moved the resolution that said: ‘‘The House vehemently opposes the demand of inclusion of certain areas of Assam in the proposed greater Nagalim. The House reiterates its resolve that not a single inch of land of Assam will be allowed to be taken out of Assam and further resolves to preserve the territorial integrity of Assam as provided in the Constitution of India.’’ The resolution was unanimously supported by members of the House regardless of their party affiliation. So far so good. But how pragmatic are such resolutions, except for symbolism? For, even in the absence of such resolutions the State government will obviously say that not even an inch of Assam’s land will be ceded to the proposed Nagalim. What does one do with such resolutions when armed Nagas routinely intrude into Assam’s territory, encroach upon the State’s land and set up permanent establishments right under the nose of an inefficacious Assam administration? But how about a resolution to recover the many acres of land lost to Nagaland? What, therefore, matters is action on the ground, especially strengthening of border police outposts. What matters is the will of the government to come to the rescue of the poor Assamese villagers routinely intimidated by armed Nagas and forced to be refugees in their very homeland. THE SENTINEL

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