Sunday, November 1, 2009

Who’ll Save the ‘Jewel’?

Addressing the conference of DGPs and IGPs in Shillong last week, Additional Director General of Intelligence Bureau (IB) said that ‘‘illegal migration from Bangladesh is contributing to the jihadi spread and insurgency’’ in the Northeast, otherwise ‘‘a jewel in the crown of India’’. But more than New Delhi it is the Pakistan Army’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Bangladesh-based jihad masters who have realized what that jewel is worth. Hence the greater Islamic state design that will entail the annexation of demographically suitable parts of the Northeast, such as Assam (the best living space for illegal Bangladeshi immigrants on earth), to Bangladesh. And who has wielded power from New Delhi for the best part since Independence? Why, the ruling Congress that right after Independence discovered such huge and infallible electoral asset as immigrants from the erstwhile East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. Such was the ‘secular’ zeal of the party that in 1983 it imposed on Assam a perversely unique immigration regime — the now-scrapped IM(DT) Act — so that illegal Bangladeshis could transmute themselves to Indian ‘minority’ citizens overnight and so that they would vote for the Congress eternally for having been the top ‘secular’ priority in a land no more foreign but their very own and where they would be allowed to breed freely to eventually outnumber the indigenous people. Let the same Congress now save the ‘‘jewel’’. But can it? THE SENTINEL

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