Friday, October 30, 2009

Trade Union bodies submit memorandum to Cachar DC

SILCHAR, October 28: Cachar district Committees of Central Trade Union (CTU) and the Employees’ Federation (EF) today unitedly took out a protest rally and submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister of Assam, Governor of Assam and the Prime Minister of India. In the memorandum sudden price hike of essential commodities and the escalating trend in market prices leading to the suffering of the common people and unscrupulous traders earning profits from the situation was mentioned.

According to the memorandum submitted today by the CTU and EF, the report of the Arjun Sen Gupta Committee highlighted the plight of 77 per cent of Indian’s population who are earning below Rs 20 per day. Therefore, due to escalating prices of essential commodities including food grains, vegetables, fish etc. this population is the worse-hit among all.

Alomost 90 per cent of the population in India has come under the grip of rising prices, stated the Arjun Sen Gupta Committee report. Hence, the CTU and EF urged the Government, through the memorandum, to speculate the prices of essential commodities and to rejuvenate the Public Distribution System (PDS) in the market.

The memorandum also highlighted the situation of millions of workers who were rendered jobless due to recession and economic slow-down. Non implementation and rampant violation of basic labour laws pertaining to minimum wages, social security, safety in work places and violation of basic labour laws was stated in the memorandum. THE SENTINEL

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