Friday, October 9, 2009

Tarun Gogoi visits Bhimajuli

GUWAHATI, Oct 9: Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi today visited Bhimajuli Balichang, met the next of kin of those killed in the NDFB attack on October 4 and assured them of security.
“Those killed in the militants’ attack are my brothers and sisters,” Gogoi said, and offered to engage some of the local people as special police officers along with the security personnel deployed in the area. He also assured the gathering that the Bhimajuli-Balichang road would be black-topped. The local people are for upgrading the Balichang outpost to a full-fledged police station keeping an eye on the security threat to the area. Over the last few days, ministers Rockybul Hussain, Nurzamal Sarkar and Gautom Bora had been in the Bhimajuli area in order to boost of the morale of panicked people. THE SENTINEL

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