Sunday, October 18, 2009

No bar for population control in Quran and Hadith: Dr Ilias Ali

GUWAHATI, Oct 18: A public awareness meeting on Population explosion and NSV, attended by a large number of people, was organized jointly by district health society, NRHM, Barpeta and Cawsser, a local NGO, at Dr Zakir Hussian Higher Secondary school’s auditorium of Alopati Char, Bapeta and chaired by Mr Wazuddin Ahmed, principal of the school.

Speaking on the occasion the chief guest Dr Ilias Ali, Associate Professor of Surgery, Gauhati Medical College and State Trainer cum state Nodal Officer, NSV, Government Assam, stressed that population explosion is the evil of all odds of our country faced today, and it is more dangerous and more fearful than nuclear explosion. India is the second largest populous country next to China, he said, with a population of 1.4 billion, occupies only 2.4 per cent of the world’s land area but has to support nearly 17 per cent of the world population. Further Dr Ali added that current trend of population growth of India is very alarming i.e. 29 babies per minute and if this trend continues India will soon cross China, the world’s most populous country, by 2025.

Today India is facing a grim future because of the rapid upsurge in the rate of population growth in comparison to the past few decades and despite the fact that India was the first country in the world to introduce a population control policy in 1952, not much has been achieved in terms of population control and the outcome is an intense crisis of resources. There is fierce competition for the nation’s limited natural resources leading to quarrels between states, between communities and even families, Dr Ali stated. Further he added, today we have shortage of clean drinking water, clean air, food, shelter and other resources such as medical care, education, proper sewage treatment and waste disposal necessary to sustain human life. Addressing specifically to the attending Muslim audiences Dr Ali said that illiteracy, childhood marriage and multiple marriages are common phenomena among us. On the other hand religious misbelieve and misinformation regarding family planning are also very high. All these sources are responsible for more population explosion in our (Muslim) society in comparison to other communities.

He also stated that there is no bar of population control in the Quran and the Hadith. Dr Ali, a devoted Muslim, said that Islam is not against family planning rather it was infact the first religion to have evolved the method of limiting the family size (family planning). In this regard he cited the method called Ajol, a method of limitation of family size, the practice of which was allowed by the Prophet. Citing various verses from Quran and Hadith Dr Ali urged the gathering to come forward and join hands together to curb the rapidly expanding size of population in our country. Speaking on NSV, No scalpel vasectomy, Dr Ali informed that NSV is a most modern and sophisticated method of male sterilization, where without using scalpel or surgical knife and stitch, the sperm carrying tubes (vas deferens) of both sides are taken out through a small hole made by the help of a special instrument, in the mid part of the scrotum, and male tubes are blocked. This procedure, he continued, was first invented in the year 1974 by a Chinese Surgeon Dr Li Shunqiang, under whom Dr Ali got training. It is a 10-15 minutes procedure, virtually painless, safe, sound, simple and has currently become a method of choice of male sterilization worldwide to curb population explosion. Dr Ali also stated that NSV is gradually becoming popular in our state and since January, 2009 till date more than 5000 people have accepted this procedure against only 2(two) in 2007-08. After the meeting as many as 43 of NSV cases operated upon successfully at a camp arranged in the above mentioned school and interestingly all the cases were from the Muslim community. Among the various dignitaries present in the meeting were Mr N Alam, professor, Nagarbera College, Mr Noor Ahmed, Head master, Alopaty ME school, Altas uddin Ahmed, president of Cawsser, Dr Mohammad Ali, SDMO, Agia PHC, Dr R Rangpi, Asstt. Professor and Dr J Bordoloi, Registrar of surgery, Gauhati medical college, Dr Najrul Islam, SDMO, Kalgasia PHC Dr B Sarmah, Incharge of Gohia PHC, Dr M Ahmed Incharge of Alopati Mini PHC, and other health officials, teachers and lecturers of local college. THE SENTINEL

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