Tuesday, October 13, 2009

‘Jorhat-Guwahati Inter-City Express unhygienic’

JORHAT, Oct 13: The trains of the North Frontier Railways (NFR) without exception can be said to be the dirtiest in comparison to trains of other zones. Not only this but the authorities are not even bothered to rectify the situation when brought to their notice. In this regard, a passenger on the Jorhat-Guwahati Inter-City Express complained online on the NFR website on September 29 but the complaint is still ‘pending’. Zaheer Sajjad, who frequently travels by the Inter-city said he often comes across filthy bed clothes provided by NF Railways in the AC three-tier bogey. When he had directly complained to Railway officials at the Jorhat station, they pleaded helplessness as the contract to wash and iron the white sheets, covers and towels was given to someone from outside.

Sajjad stated that his complain ID No: C/9/09-127557491 was yet to be looked into although more than 15 days had elapsed. “I also typed in my PNR No: 61327462 83 as sought, but now I think the complaint box is just a farce,” he added. Another passenger who also commutes by the same train complained of dirty stinking toilets which he said were never cleaned. “I have never come across a clean toilet on this train and the NFR seems to be quite ignorant of what constitutes hygiene and health,” he said. THE SENTINEL

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