Friday, September 11, 2009

Nurul Hussain gets clean chit

GUWAHATI, Sept 11: The AGP has today given its clean chit to Nurul Hussain on his alleged link with the ISI. Asom Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma raised on the floor of the Assembly that Hussain had visited ISI agents in the jail, and as such, he had link with the ISI. Soon after the allegation, the AGP had instituted an inquiry into the allegation. The regional party gave its clean chit to Hussain today based on the report of the inquiry committee that reported that Hussain had visited the prisoners when they were not detected as ISI agents, and that his visit had no bad intention. Following the clean chit, the regional party has decided to reinstate Hussain as party general secretary and steering committee member.

Meanwhile, till filing of this report, the steering committee meeting of the party was going on. The steering committee has decided to stage sit-in demonstrations on September 18 in front of all DC offices in the State in protest against price hike and the government’s failure on flood front. On September 19, the party leaders will visit the Asom-Nagaland Border. THE SENTINEL

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