Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DHD-J cadres, Daniel in custody

SILCHAR/GUWAHATI, Sept 7: Security forces today brought 10 Black Widow cadres along with ‘deputy commander-in-chief’ Daniel Dimasa to Haflong from Lungting under tight security. The group will surrender with arms on September 13. According to official sources, more cadres are likely to surrender in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the Asom Government has confirmed that the counter-insurgency operation in NC Hills district will not stop until and unless the DHD (J) signs a ceasefire agreement. Official sources said there have been many instances when insurgent groups have taken advantage of the Government’s decision to temporarily discontinue counter-insurgency operations. Therefore, unless the DHD (J) officially agrees for a ceasefire, the operations will continue, sources said. In case the DHD (J) agrees to a ceasefire and total surrender of arms and ammunition, the Government will make provisions for the safe passage of its leaders, sources said. The Government is in favour of holding a joint discussion with both the factions of DHD – Jewel Garlosa and Dilip Nunisa (pro-talk group). But the DHD (Nunisa) is not in favour of holding talks with the Centre along with the DHD-J. THE SENTINEL

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