Tuesday, September 8, 2009


GUWAHATI, Sept 7: The Asom Government wrote to the Centre time and gain requesting it to take up the problem of deportation of Bangladeshis detected by Foreigners Tribunals, but the ground reality is that even now the BDR refuses to accept detected Bangladeshis from the BSF on the pretext that such people should be handed over to Bangladesh though its High Commission after verification of their addresses.

Since the State Government cannot hold direct talks with Bangladesh on the issue of deportation of Bangladeshis detected by Foreigners Tribunals in Asom, the responsibilities of sorting out the problem with Bangladesh lies more on the Centre than the State Government. From its end, the State Government sent letters on the problem of deportation of Bangladeshis to the Centre on July 26, 2007, October 26, 2007 and March 30, 2009, but the Centre has not taken any concrete steps towards that end as yet.

The Gauhati High Court, in its order issued on March 18, 2009, directed the State Government and others to apprise it of how the government proposed to tackle the situation that has arisen due to the presence of illegal immigrants, who even after being declared to be so cannot be deported.

Though there are Congress-led governments both in the State and at the Centre, the State Government has failed to convince the Centre on the problem of deportation of Bangladeshis. This is despite the fact that the Prime Minister is a Rajya Sabha MP from Asom. Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has also not initiated any move from his side.THE SENTINEL

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