Thursday, September 10, 2009

AISA’s ‘Janata Bhavan Chalo’ rally against price hike

GUWAHATI, Sept 10: The All India Students’ Association (AISA) will take out a ‘Janata Bhavan Chalo’ rally in Guwahati on October 26 against price hike and the Right to Education Bill 2009.
Addressing the media today in Guwahati, AISA president Bolindra Saikia said,“The UPA government at the Centre and the Congress-led government in the State favours the capitalist class. This has been proved by the recent price hike in essential commodities and the lack of any efforts on the part of the Government to control the spiralling rise in prices.”

Saikia added,“According to a report presented during a session of the Parliament, the daily income of 77 per cent of the Indian population is Rs 20. Going by this report, the daily income of 72 per cent of the people of Asom is Rs 20. How can people with such a meagre income support their families when the prices of essential food items are reaching the sky?”

Raising concerns over the problem of unemployment in the State, Saikia said,“Various posts in the education and social welfare departments in Asom were lying vacant. If the Government had filled up those posts earlier it would have solved the problem of unemployment to a large extent. Now appointments to those have started but there is so much of politics in play that many deserving candidates are deprived of jobs.”

Saikia also launched a scathing attack on the Right to Education Bill 2009 on the grounds that financially weak students will be deprived of quality education. “The semester system will lead to a mushrooming growth of private educational institutions where money will play an important factor. Financially weak students will be denied the privileges that other students will enjoy.”
AISA today submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister listing their grievances. THE SENTINEL

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