Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Air India to launch exclusive air service in NE

NEW DELHI, Sept 2: In order to boost intra-regional connectivity in the Northeast region, Air India has decided to launch an exclusive air service in the region. In this connection, Air India CMD Arvind Yadav met with Union DoNER Minister Bijoy Krishna Handique today and assured him that Air India would play a major role to improve air connectivity in the region.

The minister has asked Air India to submit a draft plan with provisions for small aircrafts with 20 or less seats within the North-eastern region to cover 20 airports/airstrips along with Guwahati. Provision to make Guwahati, Agartala and Dibrugarh as hubs for Air India operations within the Northeast, training local youths for manning these hubs, ensuring effective functioning of the hubs, night stops at Agartala and Dibrugarh were the others to be drafted in the plan.

The CMD assured to submit a draft plan by September 7. Meanwhile, Union Minister Handique stressed the need to increase connectivity within the core areas in Northeast along with connectivity to all metros in the country so that passengers could get return flights to and from Guwahati. THE SENTINEL

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