Sunday, August 23, 2009

Government inaction compels people to construct drains themselves

GUWAHATI, Aug 23: “For the past nine years we have been appealing to the Guwahati Municipal Development Authority (GMDA), the Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC), the PWD, water resource department and even the soil conservation department to improve the condition of the road and drains in our area but to no avail. At last we decided that enough is enough, instead of running from pillar to post, it is better to come forward and help ourselves,” said Greater Bakrapara Central Development Committee president Hiranya Kumar Sarma.

People of Guwahati’s ward no 56 have got together and collected money among themselves to construct drains in the Bakrapara–Pilingkata road. “It the Government’s responsibility to provide basic civic amenities to its people. But since the Government has turned a deaf ear to our pleas and cannot understand our woes, self-help is the best help,” said Sarma.

Due to the absence of drains in the Bakrapara–Pilingkata road, the road gets inundated with water even after a small shower. The road itself is in a deplorable condition. Artificial floods have become a regular feature in the area and needless to say, the local residents face a harrowing time during the rainy season.They have alleged that since 2000 they have been appealing to the authorities concerned to build drains but nine years have passed and no action has been taken so far.

“In 2002 Dispur constituency MLA Captain Robin Bordoloi had visited the area and assured that drains would be build soon. Nothing happened after that. We had even approached Bijoya Chakraborty and Kirip Chaliha but they too disappointed us,” lashed out a local resident.

Miffed with the district administration’s negligence and the unkept promises of the people in power, the local people decided to construct drains themselves in a public meeting held recently. Construction work has already started.

Committee general secretary Biren Sarma said, “Rs 54 lakh was spent on building the Bakrapara–Pilingkata road. But surprisingly, no drains were constructed. Due to water-logging the road is now in a bad condition. If drains had been constructed this would not have happened. Eventually it is the taxpayers money that has been wasted.” THE SENTINEL

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