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BHU UETPET 2011 Provisional Key MSc MTech MEd MFT MA MCA BSc

BHU UETPET 2011 Provisional Key

Provisional Key

 B.Sc. (Ag.) 135 Set-2 KEY   
 LL.B. 151 Set-1 KEY   
 LL.B. 151 Set-2 KEY   
 LL.M. (475) Set-1 KEY   
 LL.M. (475) Set-2 KEY   
 LL.M. (HRDE) 476 Set- KEY   
 M.A. (AIHC & Arch.) 448 Set-1 KEY   
 M.A. (Museology) 453 Set-1 KEY   
 M.C.A. 492 Set-1 KEY   
 M.C.A. 492 Set-2 KEY   
 M.C.A. 492 Set-3 KEY   
 M.Ed. 390 Set-1 KEY   
 M.Ed. 390 Set-2 KEY   
 M.Ed.(Special) 391 Set-1 KEY   
 M.F.T. & Others 385 Set-1 KEY   
 M.Sc. (Computer Sc.) 486 Set-1 KEY   
 M.Sc. (Tech.) Enviroment Science 480 Set-1 KEY   
 M.Sc. (Tech.) Geophysics 491 Set- KEY   
 M.Sc. Health Statistics 275 Set-1 KEY   
 M.Sc. in Food Sc. & Tech. 354 Set- KEY   
 M.Sc. in Molecular & Huma. Genetics 490 Set- KEY   
 M.Tech. Ag. Egg. Soil & Water Com 355 Set-1 KEY   

The campus spread over 1350 acres (5.5 km²) was built on land donated by the Kashi Naresh, the hereditary ruler of Banaras. Apart from the main campus, the Rajiv Gandhi South Campus covering 2,760-acre (11.2 km2) is at Barkatcha near the city of Mirzapur, about 80 kilometers from Banaras.
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