Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - The One-Stop Career Portal has come up with a career query resolution service aimed at helping the students who want help and guidance in choosing the right career patth for them. We came up with this service as we had seen that the student community back home in Assam suffers not because of lack of talent, but because of lack of information. So we thought of filling this void and be of help to them in whatever way we can.

This new service is completely automated where the student just needs to register himself with after which he can post his query in the appropriate section. The dwinlings team of cousellors, who are professionals working in the industry and academia, will try to help him/her with whatever valuable inputs they can provide.

How you can help us:

1) By spreading the word. Let the student community back home know that there is an eco-system of help which they can avail of when needed.

2) By joining as counsellors, where you can provide valuable inputs which can help somebody shape up his career.

Best Wishes,
Team Dwindlings.

Ignorance dwindles everyday!!! is a not for profit organization.

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