Sunday, February 13, 2011

Independence denied - Its not about politics but about nations

Dear all,

I am writing this mail to all of you cause the recent activities in this country compelled me to think about the independence, unity, and integrity of our great nation India. Sovereignty and independence of the country is in danger.

63 years back we got independence. The sign of independece: our own national flag and a constitution. Hoisting the tricolour any where in this country is a matter or pride and people are always ready to sacrifice their life for the tricolour. 
Every year we celebrate Independence day and Republic day. Its not just a picnic of some leaders and government officials, but we Indian celebrate this day as our national festival. Our soldiers salute the tricolur and alwasy ready to sacrifice their life for the national flag.

Now the sitaution is changing. Congress party used to claim that its fought for the independence of the country, is ruling this country and government led by its is acting against the Tricolour.

Jammu & Kashmir is the integral part of India.  Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha is going to hoist the tricolour at Lal chowk of srinagar on this republic day 26th January 2010. This act of BJYM should be appreciated by the present govt. and by all the leading socieites and personalities of the country. Alas!  Instead of supporting this kind of acts of youngsters, the Govt. is threatning them and some of the people sitting in media room is turning this great act of our youngsters as a drama.

A train was retruned back without informing its passenger(the youngsters from Karnatka were coming to join the flag hoisting at Srinagar. is it not the violation of right of living and suppression of right of expression?

Senior leaders Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Shri Arun Jaitley and and Shri Ananth Kumar were Monday night taken into custody by Jammu and Kashmir Police from the airport to thwart their planned flag-hoisting at Srinagar on Jan 26. They were whisked away to an undisclose location.

Read more: Sushma Swaraj, Jaitley taken into custody - The Times of India
Is it not the kind of situation that the independent India faced during Emergency and pre independence during British rule.?

Senior BJP leader Shri Rajnath Singh Jee sat on hunger strike which will be continued till the morning of January 26

Its time to act, BJP is going to hold nationwide protest against this act of government. Join the protest tomorrow to be held by BJP. This is not mere politics, but about the nation India.


Mrityunjay Kumar
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