Thursday, February 17, 2011

Google Goggles Technology Visual Search Demo

Dear Friends,

Here is a Technology some of you may like or some of you may already aware of it......A Youtuve video link how it works...(Please click the link to watch the Video)
Google Goggles is the latest cool tool helping manufacturers with its real-world functionality.Google's most recent update allows for a slew of visual searches, including text, labels, barcodes, logos, and even entire print ads. With the possibility of advertisers creating print ads to best reflect the brand in ‘goggle' searches, users will be able to access not just the brand, but the manufacturer's entire repertoire through a single print ad.

Here is a Example:

You're in a supermarket, standing in front of the beverage section looking at a new coffee brand. You've never seen it before, and you're not a die-hard fan of any other brand, but you don't want to buy it without finding out more about it. Now, traditionally, you'd pick up the smallest pack or a sachet, or wait to hear from someone else who bought it.
But Google's Goggles will change that. Hold your phone up to the pack, click a picture, and Goggles will do a search for you, bringing up reviews, competitors and the history of the brand---everything that a regular Google search would offer, and more.

Jai Aai Assam!

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