Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Google 2.0 and Facebook-Internet Revolution of Egypt

Dear Readers,

Here is a story of post EGYPT revolution, how it actually started through young FACEBOOK and GOOGLE website.Hope you would like the story. This is a ppl revolution.

Hamza Namira a singer sung the song Dream With Me which gave spirit to Egypt's ppl for protest which started in JAN 25th,2011.(youtube video link below)

Second is the Wael Ghonim, The 30-year-old Google Inc. marketing manager who had created a facebook page as "We are all Khaled Said"

A youtube Video of Interview of Wael Ghonim, some of the videos are in Arabic...

Learning from Egypt:

a) Internet can be a great Media for good social development

b) The new youth generations are more consecious about society,govt and not really power hungry

Dear Esteemed Readers,request to add here as you feel fit.....

Together we dream for a good change...............

Manas Deka

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