Thursday, February 10, 2011

Engineering College-Benjamin Kaman (Letters to the Editor, The Assam Tribune, 08.02.2011)

Engineering College
Sir-The people of Dhemaji are very much happy that the State government has responded positively to the demand of people for establishment of an engineering college in Dhemaji. This is a historic decision, since it will be the first State level government institute ever established in the backward district. The institute should be fully government since the demand was originally started with providing quality technical education affordable to all classes of people in Dhemaji and neighbouring districts.

      We generallt have a wrong conception that private institutes are always better than government ones which is not true. It might be well visible if anyone compares government and private engineering colleges in Guwahati. It is also worthwhile to mention that majority of population can not bear the expenses of private engineering college in areas like Dhemaji. If the college is a fully government one, it will also be able to provide technical advice and guidance to the technology poor districts for implementation of various government schemes. Again, considering the agrarian nature of population, it is expected that the proposed institute would offer courses on Agiculture Engineering, Food Technology and Alternate Energy in addition to usual courses taught in other engineering colleges of the State. Establishment of a water resource management cell will be very much necessary as it may focus on flood management, irrigation development, hydropower generation, mega dam issue etc. the cell may also be entrusted to coordinate various Central and State government organizations relating to studies on water resources in Dhemaji and neighbouring districts and formulate management strategies,-

Yours etc., BENJAMIN KAMAN, Dhemaji.

(Letters to the Editor, The Assam Tribune, 08.02.2011)

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