Saturday, January 15, 2011

XOBDO.ORG would like to declare the results of the Essay Competition-1 as

XOBDO.ORG would like to declare the results of the Essay Competition-1 as

Group A :

First Prize : Hrithik Gogoi
2nd / 3rd Prize: No suitable entries.

Group B :

First Prize : Daisy Gogoi
Second Prize : Jairaj Kalita
Third Prize: No suitable entries.

Group C :

No suitable entries.

The prize moneys to be awarded are:
Group A - First Prize : 1000 INR
Group B - First Prize : 2000 INR
Second Prize : 1000 INR

The prize money will be distributed on the 5th Anniversary of


As part of the Essay Competition series, the 2nd competition is as follows:

Last Date: 31-January, 2011

Language: Only Assamese

Word Limit: No word limit

Preferred format of submission: Typed in Unicode.

Group A – The Kaziranga National Park
Standard: upto Class-V.
First Prize: INR 1000, Second Prize: INR 500, Third Prize: INR 300

Group B - Assam and its flood problem
Standard: Class-V to Class-X
First Prize: INR 2000, Second Prize: INR 1000, Third Prize: INR 600

Group C - Unemployment problem in Assam and possible solutions.
Standard: Class-XI to Undergraduate Level
First Prize: INR 3000, Second Prize: INR 1500, Third Prize: INR 1000

The essay should be written clearly with at least 1 cm line spacing
including participant’s name, address, class/standard, and school/college.

Also, submit a photocopy of a valid photo ID along with the essay. The essay
should be submitted by post at the following address...

House No-20, Ashok Path
Beltola, Guwahati-28, Assam, India

OR email to

Buljit Buragohain
Publicity Team
Mobile: 9435188630


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