Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why the new India prefers to hang out in Gurgaon - Debraj Mookerjee

Why the new India prefers to hang out in Gurgaon, not GK
Debraj Mookerjee

A fine lady at a posh Sunday lunch on a wintry South Delhi afternoon said something that gave me rare insight into the phenomenon called Gurgaon. She said unless you lived somewhere due south between Connaught Place and the Ring Road, you had not made it in life. I suggested where we were seated (in Vasant Vihar) was actually a stretch beyond the Outer Ring Road. Well, she conceded, maybe we could include a thin swathe around the Outer Ring Road, but then that was about it. But south Delhi is more metaphorical than anything, I suggested. Gurgaon is, in a sense, the new south Delhi, is it not? For every Stake House in Jor Bagh, there are a dozen fancy stores in Gurgaon that sell the worlds best cheeses and hams. Gurgaon, she almost spat with contempt, will always be the pretender. 

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