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ULFA Remembers Illegal Bangladeshis Illegal immigration in India

ULFA remembers illegal Bangladeshis

When they took shelter in Bangladesh, the militant leaders could not see a  single illegal Bangladeshi in Assam. But once the government of neighboring  country handed over them to India after there arrest (?) in Dhaka, they start  remembering that Assam is full of illegal citizens from Bangladesh. At least  Shasha Choudhury, the foreign secretary of United Liberation Front of Asom, has  made an official statement that there may be more Bangladeshis in Assam than  indigenous Assamese population. Choudhury, who was released from Guwahati  Central Jail as the government paved way for a proposed talks with ULFA, arrived  in his home district Nalbari on January 11. Addressing a crowded meeting in  Nalbari town, the intelligent banned outfit leader warned that India would face  a major trouble from the East (read Bangladesh) as well as from the West (read  Pakistan). “If I get the opportunity to represent our delegation to the talks with the  government (Union government of India), I would first raise voice against the  Bangladeshi immigrants taking shelter in Assam,” Choudhury asserted. Mentionable that Choudhury with many top ULFA leaders were arrested in Dhaka in  separate incidents by the Bangladesh authority in November 2009. Those arrested  including ULFA chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa, its finance secretary Chitraban  Hazarika, deputy military chief Raju Barua with their families were handed over to Indian agencies with all secrecies. Neither Dhaka nor New Delhi initially  confirmed the news. Even the Bangladesh media was in complete dark about the  development.

Illegal immigration in India
In terms of the relevant Indian law, any person residing in the country without an official permission is an illegal immigrant. Those who are explicitly granted refugee status do not fall under this category. See refugees in India.

Bangladeshis form the largest group of migrants in India. As per 2001 census there are 3,084,826 people in India who came from Bangladesh[1] No reliable numbers on illegal immigrants are currently available. Extrapolating the census data gives a figure of 2 million. Although figures as high as 20 million are also reported in the media. 1971's liberation war and continued political and economic turmoil in Bangladesh in the following decades forced some Bangladeshis to seek refuge in India. Most of them migrated to the border states, particularly West Bengal and Assam. This issue became more visible after the 1991 census when patterns of abnormally high growth rate of Muslims were observed in the border states Assam and West Bengal. In 1991 census Muslim population growth rates in these states were found to be much higher than the growth rates of the local Hindu population even after adjusting for the usual higher growth rate of Muslims observed throughout the country. See the following tables for detail. source:

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