Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dorjee Khandu lays stress on tiger preservation

ITANAGAR, Jan 5: Taking a hint from the WWF revelation that tigers were the most endangered species on the planet at the moment, State Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu today laid specific stress on conservation and preservation for posterity of the world’s largest cats.

Presiding over the 20th State Board for Wildlife meeting here this morning, Khandu cited the concerns expressed by Union Minister for Forests and Environment Jairam Ramesh on the declining population of tigers in the Namdapha Wildlife Sanctuary, which is also a Project Tiger Park. Khandu urged the authorities to improve the condition in the sanctuary to bring back the glory of Namdapha Tiger Reserve. He viewed that the relocation and resettlement of the Lisu community residing in the project area is urgently required and the fund allocated for the purpose need to be made use of.

While welcoming the positive gesture of the Centre for giving a go ahead to the much required road from Miao to Vijayanagar that passes through the Tiger Reserve, the Chief Minister expected the park management to play a proactive role in exerting all out efforts in completing the project in a time-bound manner. He suggested inclusion of PRI members, GBs and village communities in the Centrally-sponsored schemes for management and development of sanctuaries, National Parks and Tiger reserves for effective and judicious implementation.

“Forest officials need to deal wildlife crimes like hunting and poaching with strong arms,” Khandu emphasized. Assuring all possible support, Khandu appealed to the officials to take stringent action against those involved in wildlife crimes irrespective of their status.

Also expressing serious concern over illegal timber operation, forest fire etc resulting in increasing pressure on wildlife, he said, “The onus of preserving wildlife and forest need to be shouldered by every individual of the State.”

Khandu also called for expeditious distribution of ex gratia to victims of wild animal attacks besides restoring critical migration corridors for wild elephants to allow them free movement. He urged the forest and tourism officers to come up with innovative ideas to augment eco-tourism.

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Speaker Tapang Taloh, Parliamentary Secretary for Environment and Forest Kumar Waii and other top forest officials. THE SENTINEL

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