Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AAPSU calls for clear-cut policy to tackle insurgency

ITANAGAR, Jan 6: The apex students’ body of the State, All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU), has called for a clear-cut policy to be adopted immediately by the State Government to tackle the insurgency problem in Tirap and Changlang districts. Asserting that the presence of insurgency in the two districts is a serious problem not only for the State but also for the nation, the union said that the problem could be resolved only when the State and the Central governments came together with a clear-cut policy on it.

Claiming that flushing out the insurgent outfits from the two districts is the only solution to bring back normalcy, the union, however, maintained that it could be possible only through a humane approach. Reiterating that recruitment into one of the factions of NSCN were going on unabated in the region, it urged for immediate action from the government. It also claimed that every government servant in the two districts was paying tax from their salary to the insurgent groups while the local residents were paying token amounts yearly in return of peace and called upon the authorities to accept the fact.

In order to meet the challenges, the union demanded Rs 20 crore special package to upgrade the State security forces and creation of four more battalions. In its 15-point charter of demands submitted today to the Chief Minister, the union also questioned the role of the Department of Tirap and Changlang (DoTC) created especially for development of the two insurgency-infested districts. It expressed surprise that despite the huge amount of funds made available to the department there was no progress at the ground level and doubted that the funds were covertly diverted into the coffers of the insurgency outfits. It demanded an all-party committee to monitor the utilization of the funds sanctioned to DoTC.

The union has also called for a white paper from the government on the hydro-power projects coming up in the State. It claimed that as per reports the government had signed innumerable agreements with public and private sector firms for implementation of hydro-projects in the State, however, it said that it was not clear whether the government has framed any foolproof policy regarding the ecology, natural resources and relief and rehabilitation of the affected people. It sought from the government in clear terms the number of hydro-projects that have been allotted to various firms, the terms and conditions of the agreements, amount of revenue expected to be generated from these and the policies framed to protect the interest of the indigenous people of the State.

On the Chakma-Hajong refugee issue, the union said it needs to be taken up seriously by the government without delay. Urging the committee constituted to resolve the issue to play a pro-active role, the union, however, made its stand clear that it would settle only for complete deportation of the refugees from the State. Other demands of the union include framing of education and health bills, setting up of boundary commission, cancellation of ST certificates issued to refugees, revamp of tourism and transport systems, renaming of Rajiv Gandhi University to Arunachal University, more seats for APSTs in NERIST, traditional dress as school uniform, upgradation of district library, reduction of tax charged from vehicle owners, speedy implementation of the PM’s package, creation of Arunachal Regiment, etc.  

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