Thursday, December 17, 2009

State playing cat-and-mouse game with people of NC Hills: ASDC

GUWAHATI, Dec 17: The ASDC has come down scathingly on the Congress for declaring the proceedings of the 14th and 15th December Special Session of the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council as null and void. Talking to The Sentinel, ASDC general secretary Dharam Singh Teron said, “Yet again the State ruling party is playing a cat-and-mouse game with the people of NC Hills by declaring that the proceeding of the 14th and 15th December Special Session of the NC Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC) as null and void. This proves that the present form of autonomy given to the NC Hills people is valueless and meaningless.”

He continued, “The ruling Congress Party did everything, including victimizing the then CEM Mohet Hojai in a carefully planned conspiracy, to destabilize the overwhelmingly mandated ASDC-BJP Executive Committee till the Council was kept under suspended animation to facilitate horse trading. Not satisfied with that the State Ruling party is now embarrassing its own party men by declaring the NCHAC Session illegal. It is not possible that the Congress leaders would go ahead with summoning of the Special Session without the knowledge and consent of the High Command. The Congress High Command at the State level knew that the matter of the suspension of the NCHAC is pending in the Gauhati High Court. It also knew that the suspension order has to be vacated before the Special Session could be summoned.  In spite of all these facts, the ruling party in a desperate craving for political power went ahead with the Special Session which now ended in a farce.”

The ASDC general secretary further said that those who betrayed the people’s mandate leaving the ASDC to join Congress should now understand that the Congress leadership is not trustworthy and that it is dangerous to leave the future of NC Hills in their slippery hands.

 “We condemn the State Government for playing with the people of NC Hills. We reiterate that Autonomous State under the provision of Article 244 (A) is the only solution that can stabilize democracy and peace in NC Hills,” he continued. THE SENTINEL

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