Saturday, December 19, 2009

Assam rhino horn yet to get international recognition

Rhino horns decaying due to unscientific preservation

From our Correspondent
JORHAT, Dec 19: The world famous one-horned rhino found only in Assam is yet to get international recognition, particularly in preservation and display of its horn. Though the State Forest Department has announced that it will send rhino (Rhinoceros unicornis) horns to museums across the globe by formulating a policy, no such step has been taken in this regard as yet. The Central Government, which needs to open diplomatic channels with various countries to include Assam rhino horns as an item in their museums, is also not serious about the matter.

Rhino horns have been decaying in the district treasury offices of the State due to their unscientific preservation. When contracted, KNP Director SN Borgohain said: “We have sent five one-horned rhino horns to the Wildlife Research Institute, Dehradun for research, but no reply has so far been received.” He also said one-horned rhino horns have been decaying in the State due to lack of scientific preservation.

The largest number of rhino horns is in Golaghat district treasury under the jurisdiction of the Kaziranga National Park (KNP). According to information, there are 1,058 horns in Golaghat, 159 in Nagaon and 81 in the Kohora Range of the KNP.

Rhino horns, which are believed to have aphrodisiac value, are in great demand, especially in Southeast Asian countries. The horn, in fact, has turned out to be the pachyderm’s greatest enemy. Poachers continue to kill rhinos regularly in various parts of the State for horns. THE SENTINEL

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