Tuesday, December 8, 2009

APPSC decides reconsideration of rejected APCS applicants

ITANAGAR, Dec 8: Upstaging a controversy over its ‘decision’, the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) today resolved to reconsider the candidature of applicants rejected for submitting forms without self-attested photographs and who had ticked the ‘debarred’ box in the application form.

The Commission had earlier announced the lists of accepted and rejected candidates aspiring for the State civil service examination. Out of the 10,203 applications scanned, 7,686 were accepted and the rest 2,232 were rejected on various grounds.

Many candidates, whose applications were rejected on the ground that self-attested photos were not submitted along with the applications, had claimed that the information provided in the application form was not complete and they had been pressing for reconsideration of their applications. This section of rejected candidates had gathered at the Commission offices here this morning to demand reconsideration.

Speaking to The Sentinel, APPSC Secretary Huzar Lollen clarified that there was no mistake from the Commission’s side on the argument that hundreds of applications were perfect when the instructions were the same for all.

“There are more accepted applications than the rejected. Where from the accepted applicants got additional instructions to fill in the forms?” he questioned. However, while informing about the decision to reconsider the rejected applications he said that it was made in view of introducing the OMR (Optical Mark Reader) Sheet for the first time for conduct of the examination. He said that as OMR concept is completely new in the State and the candidate’s chances of making mistakes is more a one-time leniency has been approved for candidates whose applications were rejected on basis of unattested photographs.

However, there was a murmur of protest against the Commission’s revised decision by a section of candidates whose applications have been accepted. “What does it mean for us to fill our application forms taking a lot of precaution if reconsideration is to be done later?” a candidate wondered.

Another candidate asserted that he got a second application form as the first one was submitted without self-attested photographs. “If reconsideration is the rule, I wouldn’t have spent the extra Rs 500,” she lamented. However, taking the consideration of the Commission as a one-time waiver into consideration, the question now is what exact number of applications submitted without self-attested photographs will be reconsidered? Several candidates observe that on the pretext of reconsidering a certain section of rejected applications, several others rejected on genuine grounds could also get reconsidered. The observation, it seems, is not wholly unfounded.    THE SENTINEL

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