Thursday, December 3, 2009

All Bodo Students’ Union (ABSU) organizes grand rally at Kadamtola

KOKRAJHAR, Dec 3: The All Bodo Students’ Union (ABSU), one of the most influential student body of the Northeast today organized a grand mass rally at Kadamtola near new office building of BTC Assembly and Secretariat demanding for the development of quality education, halting of fratricidal killings and violence free society in the region. The mass rally was also taken part by various student organizations. The students from various tribal groups shouted slogans taking placards to stop terrorism and gun culture in the society.

The aim of the rally organized by the ABSU taking all the tribal student organizations of the region is to bring social awareness among the tribal people, development of quality education and violence free society in the region. The rally was taken part by different tribal student organizations where at least ten thousand students of the region took part in the rally. The rally which was flagged off by the ABSU president was started from Kadamtola and passed through Bhatarmari, Santinagar, DC office, BTC Secretariat and Jwhwlao Dwimalu Road and got assembled in the same field where an open meeting was also held under the chairmanship of Promod Boro, president of the ABSU.

In his speech, the president of the ABSU Promod Boro said, the rally which was taken up by various tribal student bodies was brought out in Kokrajhar town against the discrimination of the State Government towards the development of education of the Bodo medium and other tribal students of the region. He said the Government of Assam has been maintaining a deep silence regarding the filling up of all the vacant posts of teachers in the Bodo medium schools, provincialization of all the venture schools, creation of posts and creation of separate Directorate for Bodo medium schools, etc.

Boro also said that, a small group of the armed youths in the society has been creating a reign of terror in the 30 lakh populated BTC region. He said, the people of the region want peace and stability but not the arm conflict which has claimed lives of good number of people. He also alleged that the Government of Assam was keeping apathy towards the development of tribal people of the State. The president of All Rabha Sdudents’ Union (ARSU) Tongkeswar Rabha, in an interview said, the State Government of Assam was looking after the tribal communities in a step motherly attitude for which the tribal student bodies were compelled to take this kind of agitation programme.

TMPK president Johan Dolley, echoed in the same vein and said, the Centre and the State Government has been exploiting the tribal communities since ages and this kind of suppression and discrimination made the tribal student desperate. He also said, this kind of attitude towards the tribal students should be stopped at any cost. THE SENTINEL

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