Friday, December 18, 2009

4 Assamese participate in Beijing seminar

GUWAHATI, Dec 18: Four people from the State out of a five-member team from India participated in an international seminar on ‘Exploring Humanitarian Law’ (EHL) held in Beijing, China recently. The theme of the seminar was to design a curriculum for schools to educate the coming generations about peace with particular reference to methodology and pedagogy. A total of 30 participants from nine countries—China, India, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor, Hongkong and Mongolia—participated in it. Most of the participating countries have already implemented the peace education programme of EHL in their schools through school curriculum, JRC and other co-curriculum activities.

The team members from India are—Md Eunus, Secretary, Elementary Education, Government of Assam; Mohsin Ali, Chairman, Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, Government of Assam; Bhuban Chandra Konwar, Chairman, SEBA, Government of Assam; Diganta Bujarbaruah, DM Co-ordinator, Indian Red Cross Society, Assam State Branch; and Meenu Raghunathan, EHL, officer, International Committee of the Red Cross.

The IHL (International Humanitarian Law) is a law of war which was founded by the International Committee of the Red Cross, a custodian of this law. It has been applied both in international and non-international armed conflicts so far, stated in a press release. THE SENTINEL

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