Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nagalim campaign jitters Meitei extremists

SILCHAR, Sept 30: NSCN (IM), NSCN (K) and FGN (Federal Government of Nagaland) abjuring factionalism to form a united front for upholding Naga cause and achieving its goal of Nagalim or greater Nagaland has caused consternation among Manipur based outfits. The very concept of Nagalim, if given effect to, will adversely create an impact on the territorial integrity of Manipur, besides that of Asom and Arunachal Pradesh. The unity move and the declaration were resolved at the conclave of the Naga outfits at Chiang Mai, Thailand, recently.

The declaration was signed jointly by NSCN (IM) leader V S Atem, NSCN (K) leader Wangtin Naga and FGN representative Zhopro Vero. It was a move initiated by Church-led Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR). With peace parleys between the GOI and the NSCN (IM) reaching a decisive stage. According to a Delhi report, NSCN (IM) will present its 30-point charter of demands with Nagalim as one of the contentious issues during its talk with the Centre sometime in November next.

Though all the insurgent groups in Northeast seem to be confused and at crossroads about the territorial integrity of their sovereign independent States, they are yet to speak or spell out their strategy to deal with their adversaries, encroaching upon one another’s land. ULFA’s concept of independent Asom, for example, is at variance with the homeland demand of NSCN (IM), DHD or Bodo groups.

In all fairness, of all the extremist groups, NSCN (IM) has been most unambiguous in its status on Nagalim. According to intelligence sources, the million dollar question that hinges on the fragile frame of negotiation table is the very demand of greater Nagaland. Certain developments in Manipur cannot but provoke serious analysis. All the major extremist outfits of the State—PLA, PREPAK, UNLF, KCP and KYKL despite their ideological differences are struggling for an independent Manipur. PLA, the most influential guerilla outfit has been the prime mover to unite all other groups to oppose not only the colonial rule of Delhi but also to protect the territorial integrity of Manipur.

After the abortive formation of the Revolutionary Joint Committee (RJC) with PLA, PREPAK and KCP, Manipur People’s Liberation Front (MPLF) roping in UNLF and KYKL was formed. In a joint statement, PREPAK chairman Ayanba, UNLF supremo Sana Yaima and Revolutionary People’s Front, PLA’s political wing president Iraban Chaolan resolved to carry forward the revolution to reach the desired goal.

Prepak’s appeal to the natives is quite significant. The message with red salute reads–– “the very existence of Kangleipak is threatened from all sides at the behest of dreadful bandits of the Delhi regime.

Our revolutionaries are working hard to save the honour and integrity of our nation and to restore the sovereignty of the people. It is morally obligatory on part of every Kangleicha to contribute his or her might towards the struggle.”

Without hinting directly at Naga outfits’ insistence on Nagalim, the Manipuri ultras are targeting New Delhi without adopting, quite diplomatically, confrontationist strategy to prevent dismemberment of Manipur.

Tactically, New Delhi could push the ball into the courts of the ultra groups in question to settle first their sovereignty issue in order to open channels for talks. THE SENTINEL

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