Thursday, September 24, 2009

Majhi witnesses failure of Brahmaputra Board in Majuli

JORHAT, Sept 23: Asom Water Resources Minister Prithibi Majhi visited the erosion-affected Majuli Island today. He took stock of the highly eroded Bengenauti, Dakhinpat, Sarnashree and the Jengrai area of the river island. In his visit, the minister, who was accompanied by a number of top officials of Brahmaputra Board and Water Resource Department, witnessed the failures of both the department projects in Majuli and assured the people of taking necessary steps in conformity with the techniques of modern science and technology to protect the historic island. He also said that he would talk to the minister concerned of the Central Government in this regard soon.

The Majuli Suraksha Samannya Mancha has submitted a memorandum to the Water Resource Minister regarding the condition of the island and failures of the Government departments come up with protection measures. In the memorandum, the organization emphatically said that both the Government departments failed in Majuli for the short-sightedness of the department officials. They also said, “The Brahmaputra Board has not at all been able to protect Majuli from erosion, although crores of Government funds have been used up”. They mentioned that if the erosion continues at the current pace, the days are not far when the largest fresh water island in the world will become a history.

Their memorandum also included a permanent erosion-protection scheme for Majuli, execution of five stone spur projects in South Majuli, protection of xatras and immediate measures for Sonowal Kachari, Besamora, Dakhinpat, Bengenauti, Upper Sonowal, Bhakat Sapori, Mohorichook, Charighoria, Molualkalita, Misamora, Gopalchook, Sarnashree, Selek, Jakaikhowakalia, Mohuramukh and Jengraimukh area.

They also demanded of the authorities to take up the protection measures in October/November and to complete in April/May. They alleged that the Brahmaputra Board did not take up any permanent protection measures in Majuli this year. THE SENTINEL

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