Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Kaziranga Elephant Festival

The Kaziranga Elephant Festival primarily aims at conservation and protection. The Elepahant Festival of Assam draws a large number of crowd in the north eastern state of Assam during this period. The gathering is aimed at increasing eco-tourism and raising awareness of the elephant's struggle for limited resources with man. The objective in holding the festival is to highlight and find ways to resolve the increasing man-elephant conflict.

The Elephant Festival of Assam is organised every year at Kaziranga National Park in Assam, jointly by the Forest Department and Tourism Department, Govt. of Assam in collaboration with sub-divisional administration, Bokakhat.

Description of Elephant Festival:

The Festival of Elephants in Kaziranga which is aimed at increasing eco-tourism amongst human beings. The Elephant Festival is also intended to raise awareness about the elephant’s struggle for all kinds of limited resources with humans. The main objective of the Kaziranga Elephant Festival is to find out a solution to resolve the increasing man-elephant conflict.

The Elephant Festival in Kaziranga is a special event held in Assam. During this festival, the elephants are neatened to perfection. A visitor can be a witness to the awesome view of row after row of elephants as they catwalk before a fascinated spectators. All the elephants move in an elegant manner in procession. The other programs for the elephants in the Elephant Festival in Kaziranga are that they run races and also play games of various kinds. It is truly a festival time for the elephants which they carry out with a festive spirit.

Time of Celebration of Elephant Festival:

The Elephant Festival of Kaziranga in Assam is celebrated every year at the Kaziranga National Park in Assam. Time of celebration January to April. This week long festival is one which the tourists look forward to.

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