Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Forgotten Promise

On August 25 last year, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had assured the xatradhikars of Majuli on his trip to Asom that he would give top priority to the river island and make all efforts to save it from the recurring floods and erosion. Dr Singh had also assured them of doing his best so that Majuli could be given the status of a world cultural heritage site. A year has passed by without the Prime Minister even bothering to recall his Majuli promise. According to a forum floated by the people of Majuli with the xatradhikars of its five main xatras as advisors, this year alone five villages in the river island have been wiped out of existence while the Beganati xatra faces the risk of being eroded. But does the Prime Minister care? How deep is the imprint of Majuli in his mind? Does — or can — he appreciate what Majuli and its famed xatras mean for the Asomiyas? Does he realize that Majuli epitomizes the cultural soul of Asom? The list of such questions is endless. However, the pretence that Majuli means a lot to those in the corridors of power in New Delhi must end. This is no joke. Either New Delhi should say it cannot do anything to save Majuli from being wiped out completely or it should tell Dispur to do its job first. This brings us to what the Tarun Gogoi government has done to come to the aid of the marooned Majulians: nothing tangible. Is there any pressure on Dr Singh by Gogoi to keep his Majuli promise made a year ago? An answer is in order. THE SENTINEL

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