Wednesday, September 9, 2009

College Criminals

The shocking brutality inflicted on a student of Dimoria College, Nitumoni Das, by his seniors at their rented house is a grim reminder of the increasing criminal proclivity of the younger generation. Nitumoni was burnt alive to death by his seniors just because the T-shirt he had purchased was wanted by them, the additional factor being reportedly a girl. Even assuming that their intent might not have been to really kill him and that they were simply trying to threaten him by inflicting some burn injury, there is no gainsaying that the minds at work were that of a savage. However, since kerosene was poured on Nitumoni and he was set on fire by the accused seniors, the intent could well have been anything. They knew what they were doing and the possible consequences of their savagery. But this did not deter them, for a criminal mind was at work — a mind free of the fear of punishment, given the susceptibility of investigation to extraneous influences and the slow pace of the wheels of justice in this country. This trend must be reversed sooner rather than later for a civilized society to take shape. We cannot afford to have criminals and the criminal-minded holding educational institutions to ransom. The way out is exemplary punishment. THE SENTINEL

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