Saturday, September 12, 2009


Welcome to 'BONHABI' for a cosy and exotic holiday with family

It is an ardent desire and the dream of someone with a spirited mind coupled with a mission to make a home away from home for an ideal and wonderful retreat. The total strength of BONHABI lies on those people who dedicate their service and never hesitate to give you assurance for a cosy and homely stay with total security.

You will be pleased to find you are more at home than ever.

'BONHABI' is an exotic tourist destination amidst all scenic beauty of nature. Located at Bagarijuri, 1 No., Kohoragaon, Kaziranga, just one minute away from the main gate of KAZIRANGA NATIONAL PARK.

Thre resort is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. It is coloyrful yet traditional with twelve cottages which are large airy and very modern in their layout.

Magnificient views of tropical rainforst bordered with paddy fields are the norm for every cottage. The counter point of traditional furniture is pleasing and the standard spongy beds looks inviting.

The cottages are synonymous with luxury and equiped with a large and majestic lobby adorned with ethnic yet modern furniture to bring in a gorgeous splendid look and a Multi Cuisine Restaurant specializing in ethnic foods.

We also take pride in regular arrangement of glimpses of the diverse culture of the region through folk art forms.

We have ample arrangement for Elephant and Jeep safari inside the Kaziranga National Park where the rate race is far awayfrom your mind.

For furthur details contact :

1No., Kahora, Bogorijuri, Kaziranga National Park
Dist : Golaghat, Assam, India
Ph : 91-3776-262675 / 262575
e-mail :
Visit us:
A unit of Bonhabi Resort Pvt. Ltd.

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