Monday, August 31, 2009

Asom government, neutral force fail to protect Asom land

Sentinel exclusive

From our Correspondent
JORHAT, Aug 31: The Asom Government as well as the Central forces deployed along the Asom-Nagaland border in Merapani sector of Golaghat district have failed to protect Asom land in general and lives and property of Asomiyas in particular. The Central Government deployed a ‘neutral force’ after the worst clash between the two neighbouring States on June 4, 1985 when more than 100 people were killed in police firing. But the local people have alleged that the Naga encroachers have occupied Asom land and built houses under the very nose of the neutral force deployed by the Central Government.

According to information, the Naga encroachers have built houses, bus stands, offices, water supply projects, schools, electrification projects, hospitals, churches etc in Sector D on Asom land under Golaghat subdivision in Golaghat district. The Nagas have already occupied Tarajan, Negheribeel, Veleuguri, Dighalpani, Dayalpur, Daldali, Chandrapur etc areas of Merapani and have taken up all the government projects by violating various orders passed by the Central Government at different times. Apart from it, a seed farm located on Asom soil at Merapani and land measuring 40 bighas in the Doldoli area in Asom were occupied by Nagas in 2005. In the same year, an NAP camp, an office of a village council and a Nagabasti named Hayanbasti at Jaljali in Merapani area were inaugurated on Asom soil by Nagaland. Apart from this, the local people alleged that the Nagas are involved in extortion, kidnapping and other illegal activities in Asomiya-populated areas like Kolajan and its adjoining Asomiya villages under Sector D in Asom. The Naga encroachers attacked one Asom gaonburha of Kolajan on April 12 this year and a women, Aitee Bora, on March 23 in 2005. The Naga encroachers also prohibited celebrations of the last Bohag Bihu at 2 No. Kolajan village as the 40 Asomiya families of the village did not heed to the demands raised by the Nagas. Apart from this, the Nagaland Government has taken up a road construction project from Rulibasti to Dayalpur under the Central Government’s NREGA scheme in July this year. But surprisingly, the Central Government and the Asom Government are not at all worried over the matter, the local people alleged, and said it is a sheer violation of all the agreements signed by the Central Government with the two neighbouring States. The neutral force also looks the other way when Naga encroachers violate the agreements signed. The force failed to protect the lives and property of Asomiya people living along the border. The local people have expressed their dissatisfaction over the ‘silence’ of governments, both in New Delhi and at Dispur, on the unpleasant developments taking place along the inter-State borders. They alleged that the forces deployed along the border seem to be strict on the Asomiyas only. Pointing out an instance that occurred in the Gamari area where an order was sent from New Delhi to an Asomiya villager when he started to build a house on Asom soil recently. The local people have failed to understand as to why the Central Government has turned a deaf ear to the border disputes even after Nagaland is carrying out so many construction works on Asom soil. THE SENTINEL

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